Tip 1
The eyes you choose to perform our treatment with can make a real difference to the overall look of your set of lashes, so pick your model carefully. Make sure the curl you are using is suited to your model’s eye shape and if you are using colour, ensure it complements their eye colour.

Tip 2
Lighting is key. If we can’t see your work properly in the image then it will never make it through our screening process! So make sure you have great lighting as well as a high quality image for when we are zooming in. A Glamcor lamp will help with this due to its bright white light.

Tip 3
Do a practice run. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket and assume you are going to create an award-winning set first time round. If you do a practice set, you may find that a different structure or curl would actually look better.

Tip 4
Don’t leave it too late! The last thing to want to do is be rushing around trying to find the perfect model and then trying desperately to rush a full set of lashes with only a few hours until the deadline. You have 5 weeks to submit your images so get lashing!