Rules For Pictures

Each registered entrant must submit 4 photographs of their own work which meet the following category:

  • Before photo – both eyes open looking up
  • After photo – both eyes open looking up
  • After photo – both eyes closed
  • After photo – whole headshot

The entrant must own the copyright to any pictures submitted and agree to the pictures being displayed in any media relating to Lash Festival or the promotion of the competition.

Pictures will qualify for entry only if they are the sole work of the entrant and have not been unfairly enhanced or edited using image editing software. Out of courtesy to the models, skin smoothing and blemish removal is allowed.

Copyright information may be displayed on the image but pictures with lash supplier trade names, offensive or irrelevant content may be excluded at the sole discretion of the organisers. Pictures must not have a watermark or be in a collage.

Pictures can only be entered through the Lash Festival website, pictures shared by means of social media or sent by email cannot be included.