In 2012 Lash Festival was born with the idea to bring together lash technicians, showing their skills and creativity. With the first 2 competitions being small scale, in 2014 it was time to ramp it up and encourage lash techs from all countries and walks of life to be involved. 2014’s contest exceeded all expectations for the amount of interest it generated for eyelash extensions. People who had never considered getting their lashes done were able to see the fantastic work that’s being done in lash rooms around the world. Over a thousand entries were received for Lash Festival 2014 and with 60 countries taking part, it was by far the biggest competition of it’s kind in the world. For the first time, we included a Volume category along with Individual Lashes and Students. The interest in this category was unbelievable and it shows just how far xD Russian Volume had come in a short space of time.

2015’s competition proved to be even bigger and blew us away with the styles that were able to be created. Not only did the technicians who entered showcase their skills, they inspired others to take up lashing and to one day become a Lash Festival winner! For this year we included the Individual and Volume categories, to bring it back to basics and allow technicians to show off their skills no matter what their experience.

We have really enjoyed seeing the best of the best competing for the honour of a World Lash Master title in the last six years and we’re excited to see the entries for Lash Festival 2018. We think that connecting the world’s lash artists and sharing their work will help to raise standards and spur us all on to be the best that we can be.

Previous Winners

Sal Heinjus – Australia 

Sal is the founder of Zheanae Salon based in Canberra, Australia. And is 2017’s Lash Lift Winner!

Eye Candy Lash & Beauty Studio – United kingdom

Classic & Russian Lash Specialist. Winner of 2017’s Individual Category.

Jolita Kibisiene – Lithuania

Owner of Lash Republic By Jolly. Winner of 2017’s xD Russian Volume Category.

Kimberley O’Beirne – Australia

Kimberley continues her career as an Australian Trainer for Elleebana teaching Classic Eyelash extension application, Lash Lifting and Sleek Brows. It has become a strong passion of hers to ensure that student and therapist alike are educated and protected. Since taking the title of World Individual lash master she has since been a judge for the Australia & New Zealand Lash Championships, Mentored at Lash Gala Australia, won Australia’s Perfect Mentor in Eyelash treatments and sits on the board of ANZEI (Australia and New Zealand Eyelash Extension Industry) focused on defining safe application standards.

Daria Ziolkowska – England

Since winning Lash Festival in 2015, Daria has won a variety of competitions across the world, against extremely talented lash artists. She has established different collaborations with known celebrities and has always expressed her excitement each and every time she has carried out a set of lashes for them! She has also became an international trainer, teaching proudly all the professional tips and tricks to very curious students..