Introducing 2018 Judge Sonia Gapper

Sonia Gapper

Sonia is a judge in our xD 6+ category in this year’s competition. Learn a little more about Sonia below.

“I previously worked within Marketing for global company, and decided to follow my dreams and retrain within the beauty industry. Researching the marketing I realised eyelash extension was still a very new, yet up and coming treatment and within my area there was limited salons which were offering it. I seized the opportunity and booked myself onto a course.

Much to my surprise, it was more difficult than I ever thought possible. I am a perfectionist and just couldn’t see how I was going to get those tweezers and I to work in harmony to make every lash perfect. But, after hours of practising and a few tears later, it clicked. I completed a set of lashes that were perfect, and to see the huge smile on my client’s face, made it all worthwhile. From then on all I wanted to do was lashes and still to this day it is by far my favourite treatment.

I wanted to teach eyelash extensions to help others achieve a dream like I did. I know how frustrating it can be as it didn’t come naturally to me, but I have so much passion for this treatment and have gained lots of knowledge and experience throughout the years that I wanted to be able to pass this on to others. But the next step was finding a company that had as much passion for lashes as I did…

Working with the team at The Eyelash Emporium is a great honour. When you train with us, not only will you receive training and ongoing support through your case studies from your trainer, you always have a support system at head office too, even after qualification. We work as part of a team, with Health & Safety being paramount to us all. We want to offer the best training, to produce great technicians, and I think this has been achieved and recognised with our awards for ‘Best Supplier Specific Training

I am looking for clean, consistent and uniformed fans, and how the technician has enhanced the clients eyes with structures used.

Instagram: @bbeautiful_by_soniamarie

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