Introducing 2018 Judge Melanie Doyle

melanie doyle

Melanie Doyle will be judging in our Fantasy category this year. Learn a little more about Melanie below.

Melanie has over 22 years of experience in the industry of beauty and makeup artistry and has a very versatile portfolio that has led to her working for highly established brands and TV work that includes television promos for Dancing Mums and Miss World to working on the highly acclaimed Drama Downton Abby.  Specialising in creative fashion shoots, catwalk, body art and red carpet events with the celebrities of Emmerdale, Coronation Street and Hollyoaks along with footballers from Everton, Manchester City and the England ladies football team.

Melanie also works freelance as a ADCreativ team member and Beauty editor for an independent journal ‘Lash Inc’ and has had her work published in many magazines such as Inside Soap, TV Choice, Vitality, Lash Inc, Best and Heat magazine.

In recent years she has gained experience working on the ‘London Scene of Fashion’ for the likes of elite brand ‘Kolchagovbarba’, International catwalk shows from ‘House of Ikons’ and working with the highly acclaimed Vivienne Westwood.

Melanie is looking for the following in the fantasy category; “originality with blooms of colour & a striking theme that will make my head turn again to look at your work”.

Instagram: @melvicmakeup or @mvmacademy

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