Introducing 2018 Judge Danielle Hamnett

danielle hamnett

Danielle is a judge in this year’s Colour category. Learn a little more about Danielle below.

“Whilst studying at university I worked part time as a beauty therapist in a salon and thoroughly enjoyed it, spurring me on to open my own business. I started working with lashes after I had them myself for my holiday and fell in love with how comfortable they felt, the glamorous look they achieved and how quickly I could get ready!

Education around lashes has progressed so much over the last few years. I specifically enjoy the science behind the ongoing innovation and decided this was something I wanted to become involved in. After 3 years in my salon, I decided to obtain my teaching certificate through Cardiff University which led me to The Eyelash Emporium.

For me, doing lashes gave me the opportunity to be self employed and build my own business that I was in control of. I was able to create a balance with my home life and university work, working hours that suited me. Afterwards I never looked back, I’m now a brand educator for The Eyelash Emporium.”

Instagram: @bae_beauty_training

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