Introducing 2018 Judge Anne Perry

anne perry

Anne Perry will be judging in our lash lift category this year. Learn a little more about Anne below.

“My entry into the beauty industry started in 2009 when I bought a beauty salon as a business investment. The hardest business decision I made, but the one where I learnt more than I could ever imagine! My first foray into the lash world in 2010 on a classic extension course. I went off to Yorkshire to train thinking it would be easy. I left the course in tears – I just couldn’t believe it was so hard!

Determined to succeed but with very little money, I bought a melon, cut it in half and stuck some cheap strip lashes onto the side. I spent every spare minute practising on my melon! Every person I could knew, be they male or female, was roped in to being my model and I brought my time down from three hours to 90 mins. I realised then that I was hooked – the look on my client’s face when they see the perfect set of lashes I have just applied for them – that’s my WHY. I really wanted to be good at this lash wizardry, so I went on as many courses as I thought would make a difference.

2013/2014 saw me teaching general beauty for a local wholesaler – it seemed the logical step as I had loved training in a previous career. I was still lashing in salon and just wanted to improve, so I went on a workshop with some well known lash gurus for mentoring on volume lashes. I can see I have the technique, I just need to practice as much as I can! The summer of 2016 I started my career as a lash trainer.

I am passionate about lashes, I love the way they make people feel, and I relish the challenge of a re-balance or fresh set. Working with Eyelash Emporium is a dream come true – I have to keep pinching myself to bring myself back to reality! I am looking forward to training and supporting more students in this fabulous brand, and really looking forward to working with the new opportunities this position presents.”

For lash lift category I would like to see the following:

  • Appropriate size shield used ie. Lashes not touching lid
  • Clean eyes – no make up residue
  • No tint left on lash line
  • Bottom lashes tinted
  • Lashes all going in same direction, no cross overs/stray lashes, no stragglers at inner or outer corners
  • Each lash should be well separated and visible, no bunching in evidence
  • Both eyes – lashes set at the same angle on both sides

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