An interview with 2016 Ultimate Volume Lash Winner

We caught up with Magdelana Wojnowska, Lash Festival 2016 Ultimate Volume Winner to see what she’s been up to since winning last year.

Why did you decide to enter Lash Festival?

I am very happy to have participated in an event as prestigious as Lash Festival. My participation in it was totally spontaneous. Winning came as a great surprise to me; I never expected to achieve the Master title. A lot of very talented lash technicians from all over the world took place in this competition–all the more reason for me to feel honoured for winning the first place.

What have you  been doing since you won Lash Festival?

I have been euphoric ever since I received the news about my victory. I keep getting very nice messages and congratulations. It is a wonderful feeling to have people praise me and join me in my happiness. Indeed, I am exceedingly happy: lash application is my greatest passion. I have been a lash tech for over six years. I love my job and I love making women beautiful. This passion of mine gave rise to a business concept: I decided to combine my passion with my job and launched my very own Lady Lash salon in Warsaw. You are welcome to visit my Facebook profile which I devoted to my passion: /fb.ladylashbymadzia /

What are your future ambitions?

Thanks to winning the Lash Festival I have become more recognised as a lash technician. I will use this opportunity to expand my business.

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