An interview with 2016 Individual Lash Festival Winner

We caught up with Tania Withers, Lash Festival 2016 Individual Winner to see what she’s been up to since winning last year.

How did you hear about Lash Festival?

I had seen it advertised on social media, but clients had persuaded me to enter. I never dreamed that I would ever win the competition.

For anyone who is considering entering but is unsure what would you say?

Just do it! If for nothing else, its a great experience and you have nothing to lose.

What have you been doing since you won Lash Festival?

My Salon and Training Academy are bursting at the seems and people have the confidence to have treatments with my staff and my students if they are unable to fit in with me. The exposure has been great.

What are your future ambitions?

I will continue to grow both businesses as much as I can. I aim to open another salon as well as continue to hunt for even more Educators to join and expand our nationwide Training Academy. 

Have you got any tips for this years’ entrants?

Take your time when it comes to taking photos. Take lots of pics and choose the best one. Ensure you have good lighting and ensure your phone/camera is well focused on the eye, rather than the face, before snapping that winning shot!

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